The new cyber-resilience strategy of  organizations requires holistic cybersecurity management, and for this it must be multidisciplinary, especially with regard to the human factor.

Kymatio makes two new allies available to organizations: artificial intelligence and neuroscience.


Facilitate expanding the scope of strategies.

Encourage cyber resilience, incorporating human cyber risk, key in a holistic prevention strategy.

It enhances interdepartmental collaboration to prevent human-origin information security incidents.

Continuous advice for best practices in each area


Close the circle by working on the different angles of the complex  layer 8.

Go beyond standard cyber awareness training and visualize risk , guide actions with data, and prevent situations that lead to information security incidents.

Discover the new cyber risks you face.

Human Resources

The new People Analytics approach to protecting and developing human capital.

Complete map of the risks of each team that facilitates the planning and prioritization of the activity.

Adapt Human Resources management to the new pandemic environment.

Move beyond climate and commitment studies.


Reduction of compliance risk of human origin.

Establishment of internal risk prevention and management mechanisms.

Access to third party compliance. Sometimes the risk comes from the providers. Kymatio reduces complexity and increases the accuracy of reports and efforts.

Demonstrate the highest level of diligence in  establishing preventive measures.

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How to enhance cyber resilience?

Going towards the total digitization of processes, inevitably organizations also digitize risks. Thriving in this complex environment makes it necessary to review corporate strategies, and raising cybersecurity from operational necessity to source of opportunity allows organization leaders to drive resilience and competitive advantage.

To be able to cover the multifaceted problem posed by the human factor with guarantees, it is necessary to provide adequate tools that allow departments to collaborate to achieve the objective of preventing cyber risk, address a profound cultural change relying on micro-segmentation and prediction.

What is the organization’s human cyber risk scoring?

The cybercriminals attack organizations of all kinds, and many suffer collateral damage in the course of attacks on third parties.

This concentration of threats, aggravated by the high number of information security incidentsgenerated by negligence of the employees, makes it necessary to measure human cyber risk, which allows working proactively to prevent incidents.


Other use cases to lean on Kymatio?


Cybersecurity and human cyber risk in mergers and acquisitions (M&A).


ITP stands for Internal Threat Program.