Activate your Human Firewalls

Descubre los nuevos ciberriesgos a los que te enfrentas
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Trust Kymatio, the leading platform for human cyber risk prevention.
Support employees at all times and periodically analyze their strengthening needs to protect the organization.


Kymatio - Human firewall activation and cyber risk management

Among the benefits that Kymatio provides:

Discover the new cyber risks you face

Identify the areas where there is a greater risk associated with the human factor.
Where is the organization most vulnerable to social engineering?
In which departments is a negligence incident most likely to occur?
What other threats are we exposed to?

Meet your new allies, artificial intelligence and neuroscience

Take advantage of the power of AI that, supported by neuroscience, provides key information, customized according to the characteristics of each person and position. Offer support actions, recommendations and targeted awareness. Obtain key insights such as the level of risk and potential impact that an incident would have in each position, including information on social engineering, digital exposure and determination of critical function.

Activate your organization's human firewalls

Boost the level of cybersecurity and wellbeing of the people in your organization to reduce the risk to which they are exposed.
Obtain recommendations for the corporate cyber risk prevention plan, adapted based on the data obtained and which considers the degree of exposure of the workforce to information security incidents.
Determines what the particular support needs are for each person and automatically offer content and recommendations to employees for their strengthening, enhancing their alertness and status in the areas of cybersecurity and wellbeing (sentiment).

Cyber risk reduction

Through the analysis of the exposure to information security risk associated with people and the activation of mitigation measures


Determines the needs to strengthen the organization, obtaining a plan for mitigating human risk (micro-segmentation) at corporate, departmental and employee levels

Recurring evaluation

Periodic and automated evaluation that allows continuous monitoring of risk and accompanying employees in their awareness and strengthening

Actionable measures

Risk organization charts, impact analysis, cyber awareness and other stressors such as well-being/sentiment analysis provide a complementary path for data-based decision making


In the execution of actions and optimization in the use of protection and detection technologies

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