Activate your Human Firewalls

Kymatio, apoyando al Chief Human Resources Officer y su equipo:
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Kymatio, the new approach to protect and develop human capital

  • Improves the employee experience by evaluating current and future risks, customizing action plans according to their needs
  • Provides a management tool for crisis coordination between different areas: HR, Security, IT, Compliance
  • Complements the studies of climate and commitment, providing insights on the mood of managers and employees
  • Identifies critical skills gap in the organization and helps plan training or talent acquisition actions
Kymatio - Human firewall activation and cyber risk management

Kymatio, supporting the Chief Human Resources Officer and his team:

# How to manage the new normality? How to adapt Human Resources management to this new environment?

The CHRO and their team have to face the new challenge of evaluating strategies and defining policies for incorporation into offices and massive management of telework. In parallel, the recruitment, development and renewal of talent must continue to be managed, generating value for the business.
Kymatio provides a complete map of the risks of each team and helps to plan and prioritize the activity. It also provides a broad set of insights, integrable with the HR data lake, to make the best informed decisions based on data.

# Wellbeing - Beyond Climate and Engagement Studies

HR teams have a wealth of information available to assess the wellbeing of the workforce and develop action plans.
Kymatio complements current studies using a powerful algorithm based on Artificial Intelligence and Neuropsychology. Thus, it provides organizations with valuable information for the management of people and teams in areas such as communication or training, among others.

# People Analytics - More and better data to make informed decisions

The CHRO increasingly has a more strategic vision and makes better decisions for the business and employees thanks to the collection and management of data and the investment in digitization made in recent years to improve HRIS.
Kymatio collects highly valuable data on the organization's behavior, mood, needs and gaps, and allows it to be exported to the corporate data lake to obtain insights (talent and behavioral analytics) and develop use cases that improve the employee experience and sustainability of the business (productivity, turnover, performance or reskilling).

Cyber risk reduction

Through the analysis of the exposure to information security risk associated with people and the activation of mitigation measures


Determine the needs to strengthen the organization, obtaining a plan for mitigating human risk (micro-segmentation) at corporate, departmental and employee levels

Recurring evaluation

Periodic and automated evaluation that allows continuous monitoring of risk and accompanying employees in their awareness and strengthening

Employee support

Proactive determination of employee needs (strengthening actions, recommendations for effective communication, types of training, conflict management, tolerance for change, etc.)

Sentiment analysis

Alternative vision of wellbeing from a security point of view

Maximum granularity

It proposes individualized support activities for problems of stress, overload, or dissatisfaction. Supports the identification and reduction of unwanted turnover

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