Activate your Human Firewalls

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Kymatio, a new support for the management team

The leading platform for the prevention of human cyber risk
The service that is deployed to strengthen both the staffand the key departments committed to risk prevention.

Kymatio - Human firewall activation and cyber risk management

Providing a preventive approach and unifying the efforts of key areas such as Security, Human Resources or Compliance:

# Information security

Discover the new cyber risks that the organization faces.
Boost the level of cybersecurity and wellbeing of the people in the organization to reduce the risk to which it is exposed.
Identify the areas where there is a greater risk associated with the human factor.
Where is the organization most vulnerable to social engineering?

# Human Resources

Help the HR manager in managing the new normalista.
Favor engagement by improving the employee experience by evaluating current and future risks.
Customize action plans based on their needs beyond climate and engagement studies.

# Compliance

Reduction of complace risk of human origin.
Establishing internal risk prevention and management mechanisms
Access to third party compliance

Cyber risk reduction

Through the analysis of the exposure to information security risk associated with people and the activation of mitigation measures


Automated and risk data driven process, allowing teams to focus their efforts on the most critical areas

Recurring evaluation

Periodic and automated evaluation that allows continuous monitoring of risk and accompanying employees in their awareness and strengthening

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