Kymatio wins the First Edition of the Psychology and Digital Technology Awards in the Organizations of the Community of Madrid


The jury of the First Edition of the Psychology and Digital Technology Awards in the Organizations of the Community of Madrid, convened by the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid, through the Section of Work Psychology, Organizations andHuman Resources, has decided to award the prize to the project <<Prevention and Protection of Internal Risk and Activation of Human Firewalls >>, platform developed by Kymatio.


The jury has highlighted this project that makes available to companies a platform that allows to know the potential internal risk of human origin to which it is exposed and generates prevention measures. A mitigation based on knowing the employee, his Psychology and situation to offer strengthening measures .

These awards recognize the projects carried out in organizations of the Community of Madrid whose digital solutions integrate the disciplines of Psychology and newinformation technologies in the conception, design and realization of said projects to improve the relationship between human beings and technology. and vice versa.

The professional environment is, without a doubt, a privileged space for the development of people , not only because of the time they dedicate, but also because of the challenges they face in their daily work and the learning possibilities that organizations generate .

This is about leading to greater mutual knowledge and collaboration of two disciplines that, until a few years ago, outside of few academic experiences, have evolved and acted separately both in their development and in their social image. However, in recent years both from one side and the other there have been changes that are increasingly blurring the border between Psychology and digital technology , so that in some cases it is intuited and in others it is openly aware of the need of approach and value the best practices in the fields of collaboration of both areas of knowledge.

The awards ceremony will be held on Thursday, November 21 at the headquarters of the College of Psychologists of Madrid.

The announcement of the winning project can be consulted online on the College website and on paper in the Psychologist’s Guide . en la sede del Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Madrid.