Employees: the weakest link in the face of cybercrime?

Los empleados, el eslabón más débil frente a la ciberdelincuencia

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The interview begins by commenting on how many technological solutions protect computer systems, but people are exposed to a very specific type of attacks that target ourselves: social engineering.

Telefonica Kymatio Article

Some points that we highlight from the interview:

1.- The Seven most common types of “people hacking”

2.- “We cannot install an antivirus for people sitting in front of the computer who run the infected program or open the link in the phishing email. But it is possible to adopt a strategy similar to the one used when managing technological risks, trying to identify the vulnerabilities of employees to know the threat to which they are exposed and thus be able to mitigate it”.

3.- “Each person is more vulnerable to some types than to others, and what for one is an obvious deception, for another may be more difficult to recognize. For this reason, each employee must be trained in what they most require, putting the necessary patches, as we do with computers”.

#humancyberrisk: we need strengthening recommendations adapted to the reality of our company and define effective risk mitigation strategies, based on real data that increase our #resilience.

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Employees, the weakest link in the face of cybercrime