Kymatio hires information technology expert David Caballero Rodríguez as CIO to lead Kymatio’s technology strategy

Kymatio ficha al experto en tecnologías de la información, David Caballero Rodríguez, como CIO para dirigir la estrategia tecnológica de Kymatio
David Caballero Rodriguez, Senior Telecommunication Engineer, Master in Big Data Management, Executive MBA, with more than 20 years of experience in the information technology sector working with large companies such as Orange, Telefónica, Telecoming or Jazztel, is the new head of technology strategy at Kymatio.

Interview with David Caballero Rodríguez, CIO of Kymatio.

Kymatio Team David Caballero

David Caballero Rodríguez

Chief Information Officer

David What is Kymatio for you?

Imagine that you could unite in a technological project four dimensions:

Cybersecurity, BigData, IA and Psychology.

Imagine that you wanted to develop a platform that provided Insights, with which you could customize proactive actions to strengthen people against possible external threats and human error.

Imagine that you could perform multiple support actions depending on each type ofperson, taking into account their role and preferences according to their way of being .

Imagine that a high-performance multi-disciplinary team was formed, with experts in Cybersecurity, Big Data professionals and researchers in Neuroscience … Well, we have just defined Kymatio. I find the project very exciting.

How can Artificial Intelligence benefit?

Perhaps, one of the main challenges when working with humans and their knowledge of cybersecurity, level of awareness, personal preferences, the way of being, etc., is the number of possible variables that shape a certain model due to its multi-causal nature.

There are very good approximations to very specific use cases, but what if it was possible through other mechanisms to correlate information so extremely disparate with each other to arrive at a much richer model? It is there, where I think that Artificial Intelligence and specifically Deep Learning can help to find associations that we could otherwise say would be practically impossible to achieve.

Technology development teams often witness controversy regarding the type of work approach. Waterfall or Agile?

This is a very good question, why this obsession in applying one methodology or another to a project? In the past, gurus said that projects in Waterfall mode with their beginning and their end was what the market demanded; However, this methodology in current times does not allow to act quickly in the event of possible project changes, but for this reason, should it be totally discarded? There are numerous and diverse frameworks to use, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming, etc., all with great virtues and with their staunch defenders. From my point of view, I think that the smartest thing is to stay with the main guides that have shown their worth: collaboration, continuous improvement, focus on value , eliminate “Waste” and evaluate whether a certain framework or set of them, are valid in the scope of the project and the company, but never implement it  simply for following possible trends. Kymatio is a challenge in this sense because not only important regarding the Information and Communications Technology dimension, there are other components such as Cybersecurity, Psychology or Data Science that must adopt this culture by focus on value, the client, and continuous improvement. For more information you can contact the Kymatio team.