Kymatio, registered company in the catalog of collaborating companies Spanish National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE)

Kymatio, empresa registrada en el catálogo de empresas colaboradoras de INCIBE

Kymatio collaborates with the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), reference entity for the development of cybersecurity and the digital trust of citizens and companies, forming part of the catalog of cybersecurity companies and solutions in terms of Training and Awareness and Security Intelligence / Monitoring and reporting tools, which implies a high commitment of guarantee and professionalism.

Kymatio is a collaborating entity of INCIBE, the Spanish National Cybersecurity Institute.

The National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), an entity under the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and the Digital Agenda, through the State Secretariat for the Information Society and the Digital Agenda, offers through the catalog of cybersecurity companies and solutions, a good part of the companies providing services and cybersecurity solutions, present in the Spanish market, with the aim of reinforcing cybersecurity, trust and the protection of information and privacy in companies from different areas in Spain.

INCIBE establishes a network of relationships and alliances that ensures coordination with the different security teams, Public Administrations and the rest of the organizations with competences in cybersecurity. In the same way, it supports the recognition as a reference entity for Internet and ICT users, the main national operators and the industry and cybersecurity professionals.

This ecosystem of alliances and agreements established with strategic actors for the exchange of information, as well as through its close relationship with the cybersecurity industry and the digital society, facilitates and promotes dialogue and public-private collaboration.

Cybersecurity affects any area and is a key factor to generate confidence and for the success of any organization and it is pointed out that in most of the companies there are aspects that can be improved related to the classification, storage and protection of data.

Kymatio allows to know the risk insider and to take guided actions to prevent internal incidents, improving the cybersecurity position of companies while training and awareness to their employees.

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