Mnemo and Kymatio join forces to enhance their customers cybersecurity

Mnemo Kymatio Partnership En

This agreement enables Mnemo to incorporate the innovative solution Kymatio – Insider Threat Prevention into its current service offer, a disruption in the approach to the problem within the focus on the prevention of internal risk and the strengthening of targeted employees.

Mnemo, consultancy specialised in cybersecurity, recently announced a collaboration agreement with Kymatio, the technology startup responsible for the Kymatio Insider Threat Prevention platform, a solution designed to prevent the significant costs associated with security incidents of internal origin and focused on prevention of internal threat and platform directed hardening.

With the signing of this agreement, Mnemo has been certified as a ‘Reference Partner’, a category that will allow it to offer its clients specialized Kymatio services that cover the management of all aspects related to the risk of human resources of organizations. , including the services of internal risk analysis, development of preventive action plans and directed strengthening of the staff (covering key issues such as cyber awareness, regulations, job position, stress, etc.).

Likewise, Kymatio will become part of the Program Partners of Mnemo, whose main objectives are to strengthen through its channel, cybersecurity services, developing the international market and complementing its offer through the products and services of its partners.

“We are pleased to have reached this agreement with Kymatio, a leader in internal risk prevention, which will help our clients protect both companies and their employees by significantly improving their cybersecurity posture” says Raúl Sánchez, CEO of Mnemo .

Fernando Mateus, CEO of Kymatio, explains that “We want to facilitate our clients the adoption of a preventive position, which allows them to minimize the risks inherent to the current digital transformation, through a service with which they better understand the internal risk and strengthen their templates. The partnership agreement with Mnemo represents a major step forward in Kymatio’s internationalization strategy. “

Both Mnemo and Kymatio are specialists in their respective sectors and complement each other through their values, experiences and clients.

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