Kymatio opens its first round of investment that will go to commercial and technological development

Kymatio News Fundrising - Round

As part of its growth strategy, Kymatio opens an investment round that will serve to enhance the scale of its operations .

The company’s successful track record has attracted the trust and interest of the investment community. The Crowd Angel has just announced its fundraising process for Kymatio, which will complete the capital contributed by Business Angels and other investment vehicles that have been interested in the company.

The company’s exceptional positioning in the field of cybersecurity has allowed Kymatio to reach commercial agreements with large companies.

The high potential of the market requires a rapid commercial deployment that is intended to be financed with this first round of investment.

The call is open until the end of March and we recommend to all those investors who want to take advantage of this window of opportunity , to contact us or The Crowd Angel to obtain more information about the opportunity and the process.

Kymatio abre su primera ronda de inversion que se destinará al desarrollo comercial y tecnológico
Part of the team members in the TCA interview

About Kymatio

Kymatio is the internal cyber risk management platform for information security focused on employees . Its solution allows detecting awareness and strengthening needs for the people who make up the staff through virtual interviews via chatbot. This, based on psychometric tools, is capable of identifying the critical areas of companies and determining the specific risk of each unit. Kymatio incorporates risk metrics, strengthening and prevention plans that translate into the reduction of internal threats and the resources used in incident management.