> Organization Employee Cyber Risk Analysis

Understanding the Risk

Understanding how cyber risk is distributed in the organization is essential to define preventive lines of action. With Kymatio, the distribution of risk by departments can be used to determine the main predominant risk typologies identified among employees.

Kymatio facilitates the determination of action priorities by submitting proposals for strengthening and rankings.

The Importance of the Data

Kymatio provides all the data related to the monitoring of the entity, elapsed time, number of interactions, and coverage reached at the current iteration, allowing, at all times, to evaluate the situation for decision making based on data.


Human Cyber Risk Analysis


Kymatio allows to navigate through the organizational structure that is being monitored and identify risk relationships. It groups, in the form of a dynamic organization chart. The information provided by the different departments of the organization, are displayed in a visual way, through a scale of codes and colors, revealing the levels of risk to which each of the organizational units are exposed.

Impact Analysis


Our dashboard shows the damage that will occur if the threat materializes, the damage that would occur in a department if a security incident occurred affecting the confidentiality, availability or integrity of the information.

More Key Data


Understand all the affecting layers such as

And the coverage level:

Kymatio facilitates the identification of departments based on their monitoring status.

At all times the platform indicates the level of interaction with employees.

> Action Plan for Human Cyber Risk Prevention

Internal Risk Groups (IRG)

Specific advice and recommendations for each user group.
Agile management of the employee database.
Levels of risk and impact for the CID organization (Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability)


The plan that Kymatio generates is based on a set of actions to be carried out, organized according to the needs of the staff, identified from the virtual interviews conducted via chat and after applying Kymatio’s identification and risk prioritization algorithms. The objective of the analysis is to generate an action plan for the prevention of insider risk, which allows adopting a proactive position in relation to the prevention of risks caused by human factors.

Each action of the plan is aimed at reducing the risk associated with the users of the company, prioritizing those actions that act on a greater number of users exposed to high risks.

The application of the different measures of the plan will revert to a staff better prepared for internal risks, thus reducing the overall risk due to insider activities.


General recommendations and specific by department.

Kymatio launches alerts and operational messages as it obtains information and performs aggregate risk calculations.

Kymatio Action Plan for Employee

> Automated strengthening for each employee

Human Firewalls Activation

With Kymatio it is possible to launch awareness and training actions where the organization and its employees really need it.

Fully customized support activities based on their needs.

Kymatio acts in a targeted therapy mode.


Any doubts about human cyber risk?

Kymatio answers important questions that should not continue unanswered, such as What is the internal risk level of the organization? What measures should be taken into consideration to enhance prevention?
Prioritization Where do we start to take actions to prevent risk? How should each group of the company be strengthened? Kymatio provides all the necessary tools to determine the internal risk of the organization, identifying the appropriate preventive actions and ensuring the correct prioritization of these.