Kymatio identifies, analyzes, evaluates and provides everything necessary to address internal risks of human origin related to information security

> Kymatio. Complexity in 3 easy steps

1.- Chatbot. AI interaction

People interacting with Kymatio via chatbot detail


Employees interact with the platform through a Chatbot, which is the usual way to communicate for most people and avoid friction when sharing information between humans and artificial intelligence.

New Neuropsychological Studies 

This interaction is based on new tools with a neuropsychological base that owns Kymatio.

2.- Data and Algorithms

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Data Extraction

The platform extracts, from the conversations, the basic information about the person that is necessary to determine their needs.

Algorithm and learning

The analysis of the profiles and their classification, evaluation of the centroids and determination of the Insider Risk Groups for each employee is carried out. Grouping, probabilistic analysis and automatic learning. Measurement of risks.

3.- Action Plans Generation

Corporate Insider Risk Prevention Plan

Employee Strengthening Plan
Thanks to the variables obtained in the interaction, we obtain the dimensions that allow us to define the recommended actions for the particular situation of each employee, the actions of cyber and regulation awareness and the complete training itinerary have been obtained.

Company Preventive Action Plan

With the results of the individual risks, the departmental analysis is carried out. Through the aggregated information of the departments, the action plans for the company are constructed according to the criteria of impact and risk assessment.

Vision and Efficiency

With Kymatio the company:

  • Understands the exposure that suffers in relation to human risk (Kymatio Human Risk Scoring)
  • Determines its strengthening needs, obtaining a corporate action plan for the mitigation of human risk with granularity  (micro-segmentation) both departmental and by employee.
  • Execute an efficient strengthening.
  • Achieves a proactive position in the NIST framework, NIST identification and protection phases, complying with the requirements of the regulator.

Cybersecurity frameworks

Kymatio completes the identification and protection phases of the main cybersecurity frameworks regarding the human factor.

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> Cyber Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness Metrics

Kymatio evaluates the level of cybersecurity awareness of each employee in the main areas of cyber risk and automatically executes custom strengthening measures

More intelligent Phishing with Kymatio
Automated phishing simulation campaigns

Phishing simulations

Simulated phishing campaigns to complete measurements on risk and effectiveness of awareness

Automated. With a simple initial setup Kymatio can run the phishing simulation cycle unattended.

Programmable configuration. If you want you can take full control over the scheduling of the campaigns.

Customizable. Kymatio allows phishing campaigns to be tailored to each user to effectively raise awareness.

Comprehensive vision. The conjunction of the phishing results with the rest of the information generated by the platform, allows to achieve maximum visibility on the risk.

> Neuropsychology

New tools

In Kymatio we take into account the needs of the employee taking into account both their psychology and their particular situation.

We use our own tools whose psychometric characteristics have been validated by renowned experts and which are inspired by the psychological models of greater reliability and validity within the field of the psychology of individual differences.

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> Interaction

People interacting with Kymatio via chatbot detail

Chatbot interaction

In our day to day, people communicate to a large extent via instant messaging.

Focusing the interaction of people with Kymatio, in a simple and personal way, such as receiving feedback and using emoji, increases engagement.

Agile interaction and similar to the usual messaging platforms producing the minimum possible friction with the user, facilitating recurrence and creating a channel for inserting content adapted to each situation.

Global vision

Kymatio interacts with people, allowing them to identify their needs and groups each employee with high granularity. Kymatio then proposes specific strengthening solutions, with awareness, to improve cybersecurity or regulation behaviors and specific training in different subjects.
With Kymatio, employees are supported in the difficult digital world of the 21st century.

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Different problems. Different Needs

Each human is different, in their multiple needs and changing situations. The variations are constant in the workplace, in the company and in life in general.

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Kymatio interacts via Chatbot with employees to know their status and individual strengthening needs.

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Artificial Intelligence + Neuropsychology

The algorithm, based on powerful psychometric tools, outlines the needs of each employee.

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Preventive Action Plan

Organizations receive the corporate plan for internal risk prevention, as well as departmental and individual recommendations.

Conoce el ciberriesgo de origen humano
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Efficient Awareness and Training

Activation of human firewalls, each one strengthened and supported according to their real needs.

Employee chatting with Kymatios IA
Kymatio New approach to internal risk prevention

Employee Cyber Risk Management

The most advanced companies are taking a preventive approach when dealing with the cyber risk associated to their workforce leveraging data-based decision-making strengthening models.

Kymatio automates the employee cyber risk assessment process, providing the necessary visibility on employee exposure to information security incidents.

Our risk analysis algorithms incorporate precise psychometric tools to determine the needs of each employee, adding to the impulse of Artificial Intelligence a Neuropsychology base that makes it a robust and powerful expert system.

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People interacting with Kymatio via chatbot