Insider risk. The 20 Minutes newspaper interviews Fernando Mateus, CEO of Kymatio

El 'riesgo insider': un 60% de los ciberataques tienen su origen en los propios empleados. Entrevista a Fernando Mateus CEO de Kymatio.

Due to the constant appearance in the media of notable cases of cybersecurity incidents, in which the employees of the organizations are involved, this type of problem is the one that receives the most attention within the field of information security, among other reasons due to the lack of effective preventive measures that are available to different companies and public administrations today.

In the following article of 22 Minutes Newspaper (Interview in Spanish) (Marta Gascón), one of the most widely read newspapers of general and local information in Spain, he echoed the serious situation and interviewed Fernando Mateus, CEO of Kymatio, to deepen knowledge of the problem and the associated solutions.

Among other contents, it is commented how until now companies have tended to manage only technological risk (antivirus programs, firewalls, operating systems …) and how more mature organizations in risk management can incorporate, thanks to Kymatio, risk associated people as a fundamental element and work the activation of human firewalls.