Black Friday & Christmas. Without a doubt, the best recommendations for your “cyber” purchases

Black Friday & Navidades

As Friday is Black Friday (well, it has been all week)   Surely we will succumb to the rampant consumerism that stalks us from all fronts and we will start online shopping from here until Kings Day. 

That is why, from this week until the end of Christmas, phishing attempts will be multiplied by supplanting all types of companies that participate in this chain: sellers (Amazon, AliExpress), payment methods (PayPal), carriers (DHL, Post), by all media at your fingertips (e-mail, SMS, social networks, etc.)

At this time it will not surprise us so much that any of these companies contact us and the probability that we have interacted with one of them is high, so it is easier for us to believe that the messages that arrive to us are legitimate.

Therefore, from Kymatio we tell you some tricks to keep in mind to try to avoid it:

  • Check the sender: the email address must belong to a known domain (what is from @ to the end, such as @, or @; since it is common for fake domains to be used, but they can deceive , such as @ amaz.on,, etc.
  • Never pay attention if they address you in a generic way: dear customer, dear user, etc. The companies with which you have bought know your name.
  • By default, never open attachments or follow links to these emails: online stores always have a customer section where you can see the incidents, track your shipments, view your invoices, etc. Whenever you receive an email of this type, access the mobile application if you have it installed or on the web.

 To always have the best recommendations at hand remember that you have Kymatio available to support the workforce.

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