Kymatio, finalist of the 2019 COPM awards

Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Madrid

The Official College of Psychologists of Madrid, announces the First Edition of the awards of the “Psychology and Technology” working group.

These awards are a recognition of the projects that have contributed to the dissemination of psychology and its integration with other disciplines, and in which those technological projects with a strong psychological base component participate.

Kymatio has been one of the platforms selected for complying with these requirements, since it contributes to the field of corporate cybersecurity from the point of view of internal risk management, of human origin.

The extensive and exhaustive research carried out by the Kymatio team has had the support of the collaborators of the Autonomous University of Madrid (UAM), the latter being responsible for the psychometric validation of the final tool, which has resulted in a product which is a great added value for companies.


With Kymatio, the focus of cybersecurity is expanded, which becomes proactive by working on the early detection and evaluation of internal risk of human origin in order to identify different areas of improvement. Thus, personalized recommendations are offered on the one hand according to the psychology of each worker and, on the other, a corporate risk mitigation plan is generated.

Kymatio believes in strengthening the company by strengthening the employee, and it is this approach of union between technology and psychology that has led us to be among the best proposals of this First Edition of the awards of the work group «Psychology and Technology ».

The final awards ceremony will take place at the headquarters of the College on November 21, 2019. Free admission.

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