Kymatio at the 12ENISE of the National Cybersecurity Institute.

Kymatio at the 12ENISE of the National Cybersecurity Institute. 1

Cybersecurity: a pillar of digital transformation” is the motto chosen by INCIBE for the twelfth edition of the International Meeting on Information Security.

Digital transformation is an unstoppable process in which organizations of all kinds are already immersed in order to adapt and reorient their processes towards the digital reality that pervades all businesses. In this challenge of digital transformation, the role of cybersecurity is unquestionable.

Knowing the latest trends and innovations in the sector and how cybersecurity supports change is the main focus of 12ENISE, which once again will feature the city of León as the setting for the meeting.

Kymatio collaborates with INCIBE participating in Round Table 6 (MR6): “Cases of success of entrepreneurship programs” on October 24 in # 12ENISE the “International Meeting on Information Security”.

Kymatio was selected by the jury of Cibersecurity Ventures sponsored by INCIBE as one of the 3 best cybersecurity startups of 2018.

12ENISE program now available:

Kymatio among the top 3 of the best cybersecurity startups for the National Institute of Cybersecurity