Partnership: Jiniba and Kymatio Partner to Deliver Human Cyber Risk Prevention to north Europe

Jiniba and Kymatio Partner to Deliver Human Cyber Risk Prevention

The objective is to increase embrace cyber resilience by focusing on a holistic prevention strategy, tackling the problem from the human factor by the means of state-of-the-art techniques and innovative technology.

September 21, 2020. Madrid and Stockholm

This alliance seeks to help clients improve cyber resilience by incorporating human cyber risk into cybersecurity incident prevention plans. 

The most advanced companies are taking a preventive approach when dealing with the cyber risk associated to their workforce leveraging both, data-based decision-making and new strengthening models.

Internal information security incidents have grown by 47% last year.
With a striking 85% originated directly from negligence or social engineering fraud (phishing, vishing, smishing, etc.).

About Jiniba

Jiniba is a Swedish company started in 2013 with the aim of help customers and partners to develop Digital Security program with the right approach to Security in the Digital Transformation era. The company is focused in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Poland, Spain and Germany with offices in Sweden, Spain and Poland.
Javier Carriazo from Jiniba ”The human factor is still number one vulnerability. Together with our partner Kymatio we can audit your employee’s cyber security maturity level and adapt cyber awareness programs to reduce risks”.

About Kymatio

Kymatio is the leader platform in addressing vulnerability and employee cyber risk by coupling technology (AI) with neuroscientific tools.
Identifies, analyzes and provides everything necessary to manage employee cyber risks
As Fernando Mateus stated, CEO of Kymatio: “70% of organizations have suffered an internal incident. Kymatio determines the cyber risks being faced, and assesses the level of awareness of each employee in the main areas of cybersecurity, to automatically deploy measures focused on customized strengthening of the individuals in those areas of risk, and enhancing the role of the first and last line of defense that employees have”.