Social engineering. CEO fraud of 9 million euros in the phishing scam to the biopharmaceutical company Zendal

Ingeniería social. Fraude de CEO de 9 millones de euros en la estafa de phishing a la compañía biofarmacéutica Grupo Zendal.

A hacker has stolen 9 million euros from a pharmaceutical company in Spain after posing as a manager.

A hacker has scammed more than 9 million of the Zendal pharmaceutical company in Galicia Spain by posing as a manager (CEO Fraud) that allowed him to make multiple bank transfers in his own name. The multi-million euro scam was perpetrated using the phishing technique. The hacker had actually forged the identity of the issuer to scam the company.

The Zendal Group is dedicated to biotechnology and is currently preparing to manufacture hundreds of millions of doses of the vaccine against Covid19

The pharmaceutical company filed a complaint with the Civil Guard after discovering the deception. They are now awaiting the results of the investigations of the agents involved who are trying to trace the money to find the perpetrators and hopefully recover the money.

Hacker Steals 9 Million Euros from a Pharmaceutical Company by Impersonating a Manager

In a statement issued by the company, they assure that they prefer to be cautious and not make assessments for the moment, leaving the researchers to work. They also assured that, for their part, they will continue working on the vaccine.

The deception came to light because the company had liquidity problems , at which point the CFO contacted his superior and it was discovered that he had not ordered these transfers . The Zendal group is one of the most important pharmaceutical companies in Spain.

The search for lost money continues …

It is absolutely key to actively work with employees the multiple possible methods of social engineering attack.