May: European Cybersecurity Organisation (ECSO) Ransomware Month

Kymatio New ECSO May 2021 Ransomware Month


Cyberattacks are becoming more sophisticated and ambitious, and neither traditional nor new-generation antivirus are enough to guarantee the security of modern companies. 

Ransomware has become one of the most dangerous threats to organizations in the last years. 

Main infection vectors are vulnerability exploits, incorrect configurations, credential theft and social engineers’ favorite, spear phishing

As we need technical solutions for the first three, awareness is our best ally to prevent the success of spear phishing. People must become human firewalls. 

If we want that awareness to be effective and efficient, we need to adapt it to our employees, strengthening them to minimize their vulnerabilities. Kymatio helps your organisation to reach this goal.

As general tips, remember:

  • Do not click on unsafe links – Avoid clicking on links in spam messages or on unfamiliar websites. Clicking on malicious links could start an automatic download, which could lead to your computer getting infected.
  • Avoid Revealing Personal Information – If you receive a call, text message, or email from an untrustworthy source requesting personal information, do not respond. Cybercriminals planning a ransomware attack will try to collect information, which is then used to tailor phishing messages specifically for you. 
  • Do not open suspicious email attachments – Ransomware can also reach your computer through email attachments. 
  • Never connect unknown USB sticks or other storage media to your computer.
  • Keep your programs and operating system up-to-date. Regular updating of programs and operating systems helps protect against malware. 
  • Use up-to-date antivirus solutions, activate the real-time protection and perform regular scans.

See the awareness calendar for 2021 from the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO):