Insider threat seminar and Kymatio presentation to the OAS

Presentación de Kymatio ante la OEA

The Secretary of State for Digital Advancement (SEAD) and the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (INCIBE) have received a mission from the Organization of American States (OAS), whose objective is the development of national cybersecurity strategies in Latin American countries.

Within the sessions organized by SEAD and INCIBE for the OAS mission, a seminar was held where the Kymatio team has been able to share information on the problem of internal threat, among others the importance of the awareness raising to the management of the organizations in the need to reach a proactive position in the prevention of insider risk and the consequences of the underestimation of the real insider risk.

Kymatio is a success story of the Cybersecurity Ventures Program (INCIBE) and has been able to present its innovative solutions for identifying insider risk and hardening the employees of the entities and companies to the components of the OAS mission and the representatives of Ecuador, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Paraguay.

The high level mission has been conformed by Vice Ministers of the Interior, Science and Technology, Telecommunications, Education, Cybernetic Investigation Units and Technological Operations of the Criminal Investigation Agency, National Chambers of Electronic Industry, Telecommunications and Information Technologies, Councils of Digital Transformation, Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) and the Cybersecurity Program, OAS / CICTE.

The presentation to the OAS is aligned with Kymatio’s launch strategy in LATAM.

The Secretariat of State for Digital Advancement (SEAD) is responsible for the promotion and coordination of plans, technological programs and actions for connectivity and digital transformation in Spain.

The mission of INCIBE is to reinforce cybersecurity, trust and the protection of information and privacy in the services of the Information Society, providing value to citizens, companies, administration, academic network and Spanish research, technology sector information and communications and strategic sectors in general.

Kymatio: the prevention of internal threats and the activation of the human firewall is the world’s leading company for the prevention of internal threats, helping organizations, governments and individuals protect their most important assets with a focus on employees. The organizations in Kymatio and their partners certified strategic and integrated solutions to avoid incidents with privileged information.

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