Beware off SMS text messages! The ‘Smishing’ returns

SMS Smishing

Have you received messages that say something like this: “For security reasons, we have blocked your card. Verify your account to activate access in the following link”, or “We have detected unusual movements in your bank account, by prevention, if not have you confirmed on our website by clicking on the following link “?

These messages can be part of a technique called ‘Smishing’, a phishing form that uses text messages (SMS) instead of emails to deceive people and steal confidential information.

Smishing, the favorite method of cybercriminals to steal your data

Although it is not a new attack, they are now the Basque Institute of Consumer and the Organization of Consumers and Users (Kontsumo Bide) who have alerted about this technique that passes through banking entities, parcel companies or even the Tax Agency.

The messages usually have an alarming tone, and will use already known social engineering techniques that will cause an emotion (with their logic reaction) in us to try to lead us to a false website that requests confidential information.

According to César González, CISO de Kymatio®, regarding deceptive text messages says: “Sooner or later you will receive one.” Therefore, it is important to know how to protect yourself. Our CISO advises just clicking text messages if you are confirming a purchase you are making at that time. If you have doubts about the authenticity of the message, it is better not to click on any link.

Estafa SMS

Cybercriminals adapt to modern habits

In addition, experts warn that some SMISHING also relate to parcel companies, especially as regards the false reception of packages. Therefore, it is important not to download applications or click on shipments related to shipments that you are not waiting.

In Kymatio® we believe that awareness about digital security is growing, but there is still much to do. An illegitimate text message (SMISHING) is more difficult to detect due to its shortest format, which means that it offers less information than an email. Therefore, it is more difficult for people to realize that it is fraud.

In addition, in a world in constant evolution, modern habits, such as receiving packages at home frequently, also have an impact on the way we communicate with the parties involved. Unfortunately, cybercounts are always looking for ingenious ways to take advantage of these new forms of communication to cheat people supplanting legitimate communications.

SMS smishing awareness

And what can we do to prevent fraud of Smishing ?

Keep your guard before alarming and suspicious text messages and follow these tips to protect you from smishing: just click links that confirm purchases that you are making at that time, and not download applications or click on links related to shipments that you are not expecting. Protect your data and stay safe from cybercriminals!

Sources: ABC, Basque Institute for Consumer, Organization of Consumers and Users