New School Cyber Security Assessment & Awareness

Know the cyber risk of your staff and prepare them against threats avoiding wasting their valuable time

Conoce el ciberriesgo de origen humano

90% of security incidents involve internal staff

Do you really have the confidence that your human team is prepared to detect and act correctly in the event of a cyber incident?

Are cybersecurity awareness and strengthening efforts working?

Do you know what the legal responsibilities or even the financial penalties you face if it finally materializes?

They trust their human cyber risk to Kymatio

"We have always been concerned about the impact on the income statement that a cybersecurity incident could have and the criminal liability of the Board that could arise. Kymatio gives us visibility on human cyber risk in our company. "

"Now we are capable of understanding the risk in each of our departments and it is easy to establish master plans much more effective ."

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Francisco Javier Marcano
CEO / Managing Director
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The New Approach to Employee Cyber Risk Management

Risk Assessment

Automated human cyber risk assessment


New school security awareness training

Intelligent Phishing

Automated phishing campaigns simulations

Risk Management

Integrates everything needed for advanced human cyber risk management with focus on automation

We understand your problem

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Enfoque ineficiente

Current approaches are inefficient and do not provide data to manage human risk:

“We run general employee courses and simulated phishing campaigns, but the number of incidents continues to grow.”

We do not have metrics to know if efforts and investments in cybersecurity awareness are paying off.”

“Current solutions are not agile and consume many employee hours without achieving the desired results.”

Nothing is done to know the risk associated with people, we assign a standard value to all employees equally.”

Is this the way to get results?

Kymatio the SaaS to manage human cyber risk in organizations.

Cybercriminals successfully exploit flaws in human psychology in social engineering schemes to attack companies. The rise of social media, AI and fake news, together with digitization has made it easier than ever to be the victim of an incident.

“With Kymatio® we know that our team is aware of cybersecurity risks and we also comply with multiple regulatory requirements.”."

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Ignacio de Ramón
Chief Executive Officer
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The human factor is key to cybersecurity

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We use psychometric tools to understand the needs of each employee

We implement risk analysis and mitigation algorithms

We add to the power of artificial intelligence a neuropsychology base that makes it a complete expert system for the strengthening of the organization

You need to get cybersecurity awareness metrics

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Combining in an easy and automatic way the evaluation and awareness in cybersecurity of employees through sessions with chatbots focused on these topics

"We review people's cyber risk factors throughout the company and maintain alertness without overloading security personnel or teams, as employees receive continuous awareness in small doses and automatically."

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David González de la Puente
Project Manager/ Ciberseguridad

Can you imagine being able to carry out smart phishing campaigns?

We carry out phishing simulations to employees in order to train them to recognize such attacks.

... and if we also integrate wellbeing?


For a high level of alert in cybersecurity, we need the commitment of each of the members of our organization, but how can we achieve it if …

… Are they not sufficiently aligned with our objectives?

… They are not happy with their roles or do not feel valued?

… Are they overloaded or unmotivated?

"“Kymatio® is an essential tool, which adds a lot of value and complements current solutions for raising awareness and training employees on cybersecurity.”

"There are generic security awareness and training tools that do not consider the specific profile and level of exposure of each worker. Kymatio makes it possible to detect the most vulnerable human masses for company systems and offer them guidelines for differentiated behavior.”"

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Rames Sarwat
Chief Revenue Officer Elevan Paths, Telefónica
Rames Sarwat, Chief Revenue Officer Elevan Paths, Telefónica

How do we implement your solution in our organization?

As a SaaS you do not need to install any component on your systems or servers, in a matter of hours you will be strengthening your organization

Kymatio is a very flexible service, if you see it necessary you can integrate your own content on the platform

As simple as that

You say that they are fast and efficient processes but,
How long are the sessions with the employees?

The first session, which is the longest, lasts about 15 minutes.

Afterwards, each employee will be interacting with a recommended frequency of once a month, in which the sessions will be much shorter and directed to the needs of the employees.

Kymatio will continuously accompany your employees, interspersing awareness, wellbeing and knowledge sessions according to your configuration

Approaches that are developed only 1 or 2 times a year, and that take each employee more than an hour of their time, do not work and are not efficient.

Okay. But how do I return the investment of the purchase of your solution?

In the first place, with the decrease in the probability of occurrence and severity of cybersecurity incidents that represent 4M on average in large companies, 40K in SMEs and very serious consequences for both

In addition, we gain efficiency by concentrating and managing multiple services in one

And finally, achieving an automatic and permanent cybersecurity awareness service, without the need for the intervention of security teams or training.

And we also have the best price on the market

Can I try Kymatio before buying it?

Of course, we believe that it is the best way to validate that our solution is fully adapted to your needs and meets what you are looking for.

We will be happy to assist you in a session completely dedicated to you

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