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Information security incidents grow by 47% in one year

Organizations face massive losses

There is an exponential increase in internal information security incidents related to people. In fact, more than 90%* of security incidents involve internal staff.

The average cost per incident in large companies exceeds $ 4,000,000.

The average cost per incident in SMEs is estimated at $ 40,000, with the aggravating circumstance that 60% of them face liquidation only 6 months after the incidents are reported. 

* Source: Ponemon Institute

Internal Risk

Internal information security incidents have grown by 50% last year.
With a striking 89% originated directly from negligence or social engineering fraud (phishing, vishing, smishing, etc.).

Fraud, neglect, theft, loss, elicitation, negligence, social engineering … employees present vulnerabilities and are exposed to threats, which in technical language is known as internal risk.

In general, technological risk is adequately managed, but human infused risk is often neglected. Counter measures are usually limited to general awareness (low permeability) and detection (reactive approach). Employees are increasignly the preferred target for cybercriminals.

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New Preventive Approach

Through virtual chatbot interviews, Kymatio accompanies employees identifying key elements such as their level of risk and, consequently, the potential impact that an incident would have on their job, whilst in parallel identifying what their specific support strategy should be